Jenny Nilsson

Jenny Nilsson is an expressive and cross-border singer, composer, livelooping-artist, performer and cirkus artist. She moves playfully between genres and artforms, acoustic and electronic, dark and light.

She creates songs and soundscapes using her voice, loops, samples, improvisation, and various instruments and effects.

Jenny Nilsson One Woman Orchestra is Jenny’s solo act, where she, alone on stage, creates songs and soundscapes using livelooping and samples. Read more

She loves to challenge herself and others, to push boundaries, break rules, learn new things and evolve. To play and experiment, with sounds, her voice and with her body. She writes music for various projects in the performing arts where she usually performs the music live and is part of the ensemble. Read more


Jenny is in the middle of the process of creating her debut solo album. The album will be recorded and produced by herself and deals with the taboo subject of mental illness. Depression, burnout, societal pressures and trying to be there for your friends without falling apart yourself. And to try to live with yourself when you are unable to save them.


Playful and headstrong. This Malmö quartet makes very unique music with a touch of jazz, pop and what sometimes, for lack of a better term, is called cabaret music, but puts their very own signature on it.

Rasmus Klockljung, Lira

Jenny is the founder and bandleader of the suggestive experimental folk pop band band Cure-a-Phobia (SE/NO).

Cure-a-Phobia plays curious, wayward and genre-crossing music in the border between pop, jazz, cabaret and folk music. The songs contain both acoustic and electronic elements and are often both playful and melancholy. The musicians follow no written rules about time signature or melody and often give way to all sorts of whims and quirks.

Cure-a-Phobia have released three albums – Regeneration (2019), What’s kind about Mankind (2014) and Water (2012). Read more


…an eclectic variety of found instruments and sounds along with a stunning visual component that’s unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

NBC New York

Jenny is a member of LUR (SE/DK/DE), an almost cult-declared multi-artistic music and performance group based in Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin.

The band, with its origins in massive electronic live music, creates concert performances where live visuals, costume and spoken word form a unique visual and poetic universe.

This autumn LUR, in collaboration with Karavan in Malmö, is producing the music and circus performance “Moiré”, and takes another step into the contemporary circus scene with a strengthened LUR troupe. It is an independent continuation of the production Distorting Patterns (2018), and a deepening of the theme of patterns that are repeated, broken and reshaped, in us and around us.