Eco village (2023)

Eco village är en livestreamad onlineföreställning om en ekoby: en politisk satir om ett isolerat community av idealister som tycks befinna sig bakom ett mjukt instagramfilter. Här lever invånarna ett liv i samklang med naturen, med tårna i jorden och egenodlad potatis i munnen – det är så det framstår utifrån i alla fall. Hur kan de då vara online dygnet runt? Efterhand synliggörs sprickorna i paradisets trädgård. På vems bekostnad upprätthålls bilden av det perfekta, hållbara samhället? När kulisserna faller ser vi vad som egentligen står på spel.

Produktionen är en samproduktion mellan Bombina Bombast (SE), Sydhavn Teater (DK) och i samarbete med Center for Everything (FI). 

Regissör – Stefan Bexell Stanisic, Dramatiker – Emma Bexell Stanisic, Producent – Annie Eliasson, Gry Raaby, Scenograf – Svante Back, Teknisk chef – John Conlon, Kompositör – Jenny Nilsson, Ljuddesign – Mattias Alheim, Skådespelare – Vilde Bodsberg, Hanna Carlsson, Malik Grosos, Stephanie Hayes, Christian Iversen, Maria Carmen Lindegaard, Forskare från Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke in the University of the Arts Helsinki – Samee Haapa, Verksamhetsledare Bombina Bombast – Olivia Hultman

Moiré (2022)

Video by Jonas Persson

LUR (SE/DK/DE) is an almost cult-declared multi-artistic music and performance group that, with its origins in massive electronic live music, creates concert performances where live visuals, costume and spoken word form a unique visual and poetic universe.

This autumn LUR, in collaboration with Karavan in Malmö, is producing the music and circus performance “Moiré”, and takes another step into the contemporary circus scene with a strengthened LUR troupe. It is an independent continuation of the production Distorting Patterns (2018), and a deepening of the theme of patterns that are repeated, broken and reshaped, in us and around us. Read more

Jenny Nilsson: Musician
Erik Rask: Musician
Mika Forsling: Musician

Kajsa Bohlin: Spoken word, Musician, Circus artist
Elise Bjerkelund Reine: Circus artist
Olof Werngren: Live Visuals

Free Movement On Board (2021)

Video by Jonas Persson

Free movement on board takes the audience on a musical, humorous and visual performance in the world of movement. A show about freedom of movement, falling involuntarily, getting up again and taking the opportunity to live while you can! To allow the desire to take over and to dare to lose oneself in something, while it is fragile. The audience is invited to enjoy circus acts such as captivating juggling, breathtaking aerial acrobatics and incomparable tightrope dance accompanied by seductive live music. A poetic performance where we let the comedy burst through with playful craziness.

The performance takes place on the Circus Ship Johanne and is produced by Spinning Compass Performance. Read more

Jenny Nilsson: Musician, composer, Circus artist
Andrea Hilario: Circus artist

Johannes Starke: Circus artist
Rebecca Seward: Circus artist
Mari Vincentz: Circus artist

Grenen Vi Sitter På (2020)

Video by Jonas Persson

A contemporary circus performance, produced by Karavan, where the mental consequences of isolation are tested against the solidarity of the collective. A performance with newly composed music and innovative circus. A tribute to both one’s own imagination and the joint organization required to make a home or a community work. We want to investigate questions around loneliness, solidarity, imagination, civil courage, egoism and humanity. With circus and music, we will take the audience into the small things and on winding passages out into the big. Read more

Josefin Karlsson: Circus artist
Andrea Hilario: Circus artist
Johannes Starke: Circus artist
Mikkel Hobitz: Circus artist

Jenny Nilsson: Composer
Casper Wijlhuizen: Light designer
Rebecca Tiger: Directorial support
Hanna Hedvall: Producer
Alaya Vindelman: Graphic designer

Cure-a-Phobia, rädda men modiga (2020)

Video by Olle Enqvist

Jenny is afraid of dolls and has stage fright. Anne Marte thinks the universe is very scary and Elina is afraid of water. Others are afraid of large spiders, open spaces or elevators. What happens in the body when you get scared? Can fear be defeated and can fear be good? Welcome to a musical performance for middle school students with an emotional theme.

The three members of the group Cure-a-Phobia play curious and wayward music in the borderland between pop, jazz, cabaret and folk music. Read more

Jenny Nilsson: Vocals, accordion, glockenspiel
Elina Nygren: Viola, musical saw, mandolin
Anne Marte Eggen: Electric bas

Nycirkus På Nordisk Vand (2019)

From this rich Nordic mythology full of tales from the sea, Nycircus på Nordisk Vand finds its visual and musical inspiration, and introduces it in a modern and relevant context. Nycircus på Nordisk vand is a social circus experiment that takes place in a near and imaginary future. Here, politics and society have developed in an extremely conservative direction, with no room for dreamers and artists. A group of circus performers (a boatload of weirdos and clowns) refuse to take part in that reality! They therefore sail around in international waters free from national restrictions. Here they can develop their art and their own little community – but what madness does isolation on the water bring with it?

The performance was developed by the Danish Dynamo Workspace (DK) and Spinning Compass Performance (SE). Read more

Jenny Nilsson: Musician, Composer
Andrea Hilario: Circus artist
Johannes Starke: Circus artist

Matthew Horton: Circus artist
Rebecca Seward: Circus artist
Rune Vadstrøm Andersen: Director


Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye release their new single and music video A MOL IZ GEVEN, ’Once upon a time’. Blending livelooping with Yiddish and Swedish, this song raises awareness about a sensitive subject – Sweden assisting the Nazis at WWII.

Louisa Lyne: Music, Vocals, Arrangement
Jenny Nilsson: Livelooping, Vocals, Arrangement
Salomon Schulman: Lyrics
Louisa Lyne & Di Yiddishe Kapelye: Music, Arrangement
Anna Thorstensson: String arrangement
Joen Bergenrud: Film
Fredrik Tillberg, Viktor Iversen: Production assistants
Kyrie Oda, Love Hellgren, Adrian Skjoldborg: Dance, Choreography
Mlì by Svensson: Costume
Roland Olsson, Angelica Holmstedt: Hair and make up
Label: MaestroMusic

Distorting Patterns (2018)

Video by Jonas Persson

Lur is a spectacular performing arts group based in Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin. Home-built and quirky instruments, effects and voices are recorded and looped, live on stage. Together with acrobatics, spoken word and live visuals, Lur creates a completely unique scenic ritual. Lur’s concept has been developed and performed in various forms for over ten years, from Malmö to New York, Havana and Berlin. The performing arts work ”Distorting Patterns” premiered in Malmö in February 2018. Read more

Jenny Nilsson: Musician
Mika Forsling: Musician
Erik Rask: Musician

Kajsa Bohlin: Spoken word, acrobatics
Olof Werngren: Live Visuals

Under the Boat (2014)

Video by Niclas Tilosius

Join us in our magical underwater world! A unique meeting between the wayward music group Cure-a-Phobia and the experimental dance duo Versus Operandi. At the bottom of the sea, among the debris, treasures and ugly fish, we are led astray through freezing cold currents and terrifying deep sea reefs. With our heads just above the surface, we make our way through treacherous waters to be lulled to rest by billowing seaweed in a safe forest of furniture and tranquilizers.

Jenny Nilsson: Vocals, Composition, Dance
Fanny Gunnarsson: Piano, Accordion, Vocals
Elina Nygren: Viola, Musical saw
Daniel Hanson: Bass clarinet, Flute

Sanna Nilsson: Dance, Choreography
Victoria Vikström: Dance, Choreography